My love

Princess, words cannot express how much I love you. And I knooow you showed me this song, but it is there is no better song that this one. I cannot wait to see you Saturday, it’s going to be prefect.


important character development questions

  • under what circumstances do they lick a thing to claim it as their own
  • what are their feelings, hypothetical or otherwise, regarding the High School Musical series
  • whose face(s) would they draw dicks on in sharpie if they saw them passed out on a couch at a party
  • what would their reaction be to seeing Frozen in theaters and witnessing Hans doing the douchebag thing
  • i dunno where to go from here; i made this post solely for the HSM one



This post is not about couples and boy’s love for a girl. It’s about friendship love because love  someone it’s not just for boyfriends and girlfriends

in a way this post was inspired by this one: x

(and thanks god for the new Frozen pics! I needed another pic with Anna and Elsa)

Reblogging myself because this is one of my favourite posts done by me :)

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